Important: Viral Protect Mask

Livinguard AG, together with its two partners AG Cilander and Schoeller Textil AG, who manufacture the Livinguard fabrics, and our 350 employees are committed to make the world a safer place to live in. We also believe in the high standards set in Switzerland, especially on textiles produced in Switzerland. We follow strict quality control procedures for all licensed technologies, Livinguard fabrics and finished goods. Livinguard does not manufacture all masks, but does also partner with other companies, to bring its Swiss Technology and Swiss textiles to the world. While doing so, it requires that these companies test and confirm that the end products meet its high standards. All our masks and products are extensively tested, not only for the ability to inactivate SARS-CoV-2, but also for safety and toxicology.

On Tuesday, Dec 15th, incorrect articles appeared in the press stating that Livinguard masks “potentially” contain poisonous substances. This is not a Livinguard mask. This case relates to masks manufactured in China by a client that purchases Livinguard textiles.

During a test at the Hohenstein Lab in Germany, it was found that a band purchased by the manufacturer which holds the top of the mask together had high levels of a substance named aniline. According to the current information provided, approximately 20 individual masks have been found to be affected, from a production batch of 20,000 masks. As a precaution, this production batch was immediately withdrawn from the market. The total volume of masks produced per week is several million pieces. This test shows that the Livinguard treated fabric used in this mask by the Livinguard licensee does not contain traces of aniline.

It is our commitment to provide the ultimate protection to our consumers that such high standards of quality are maintained in order to ensure that the Livinguard Technology, and Swiss Textiles can continue to protect people and the planet with its patented Swiss Technology.