“Swiss Invention: These masks destroy the Coronavirus”

Leading Swiss newspaper Blick discusses the inner workings of the Livinguard Technology with Sanjeev Swamy, Founder and CEO of Livinguard. The article references a study that was conducted by the Freie Universität Berlin as part of an EU funded research project that confirms: the Livinguard Technology inactivates 99.9% of Coronavirus pathogens that come in touch with it. Sanjeev also discusses unique benefits of Livinguard’s masks and approach to hygiene, related to economic and environmental sustainability. A Livinguard mask stands to replace up to the equivalent of 200 single-use masks; offering not only added protection for individuals and their peers, but also posing a more economic and environmentally friendly solution than single-use masks and other re-usable masks. Find the full article here: https://www.blick.ch/schweiz/schweizer-erfindung-diese-masken-sollen-coronaviren-zerstoeren-id16011472.html