Unmask the mask for a COVID-free world

Scientists across the world are working to develop vaccines to combat the novel coronavirus but till they succeed, wearing a mask is imperative.

After conducting more than 65,000 experiments and filing more than 100 patents, Swiss hygiene company Livinguard, with operations across the globe, including India, has come up with a revolutionary mask that can directly inactivate bacteria and viruses, including 99.9 per cent of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Sanjeev Swamy, Founder, Inventor & CEO, Livinguard Technologies, talks more about the globally patented technology.

Making of the mask

Swamy’s team has developed face masks earlier also to address the problem of air pollution, but, with the pandemic, they realised that destroying viruses was actually a lot more within their area of expertise than pollution. “Our responsibility is to help protect people as they return to a new normal and try to reclaim their daily lives. We needed to be sure of our efficacy against this virus, and have been redesigning the product for a world where people need protection throughout the day, getting the necessary regulatory clearances, and updating and thoroughly testing our technology’s efficacy against the COVID-19 virus,” he says.

Design philosophy

The outer fabric layer of the mask has Livinguard’s Tripellent Technology, which has three levels of protection. “There is the Livinguard Antiviral Technology, coated on both sides of this fabric as well as the same Livinguard Antiviral Technology embedded into the fibres of the fabric. When a virus comes into contact with this fabric, its capsid (protein envelope) is destroyed and the virus explodes, rendering it harmless,” says Swamy. The fabric continues working in this manner, without any chemical leaching out of it and remains unaffected by washing.

“The same Livinguard Antiviral Technology is also embedded into the fibres of the inside fabric layer of the mask. Both these layers destroy 99.9 per cent of the COVID-19 virus as proven by the University of Berlin. All these technologies in combination prevent the wearer from inhaling the virus and those around them from exhaling the virus,” adds Swamy.

For fitness enthusiasts?

It is an individual decision, says Swamy, who is weighing the need for protection from the virus, especially in crowded spaces, versus intense activity needing minimal breathing resistance. “Our street and upcoming sports mask should offer an optimal balance for such cases,” says Swamy.

What’s next?

Being prepped for launch are three new versions: Street, Pro, and Ultra, with increasing levels of protection, in large and medium sizes and Bombay Blue colour. “We will introduce three more colours, small size for kids over seven, and a sport version,” concludes Swamy.

Link: https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/jun/24/unmask-the-mask-for-a-covid-free-worldy-2160674.html