About Livinguard

Livinguard is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly life sciences technology platform invented in Switzerland.

Our purpose is to apply our technology platform to improve the health and well-being of billions of humans.

Livinguard’s patented technology platform uniquely turns any textile into a permanent self-disinfectant. Livinguard-treated textiles inactivate all kinds of microorganisms while remaining gentle and safe for humans and the environment.

Our technologies demonstrate a paradigm-shifting microbial kill action. We have a proprietary method of embedding positively charged compounds on the surface of the treated textile. These positive charges attract microbes and result in the disruption of their cell walls, leading to the inactivation and disintegration of the microorganisms.


The killing process takes place on the substrate and not in the air, water or skin. Making it safe for children and adults.

The following EPA skin safety test have been conducted:

1. Dermal toxicity

2. Skin irritation

3. Dermal sensitivity

4. Also tested at Hohenstein for Cytotoxicity

Testing and approvals

  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Passed tests for “self-disinfecting” textiles and corresponding skin safety requirements per EPA Protocol 90072PA4 – 2016
  • NSF International
    Passed tests for microbiological drinking water purification per NSF P248 Protocol for US military (viruses, bacteria and protozoan oocysts)
  • EU Biocidal Products Regulation
    A wide range of applications permitted under regulation
  • The “good” bacteria or resident flora reside in the dermis and hypodermis
  • Since Livinguard’s technology relies on charges and is non-leaching, it can’t penetrate the epidermis
  • Hence, it only affects the transient flora, or “bad” bacteria in the epidermis, usually attached to dirt

  • Consumer Hygiene like Laundry additives, Cleaning wipes, Sanitary pads
  • Apparel like Base layers, Socks, Shoe linings
  • Drinking Water like Water bottle filters, Tabletop filtration jugs, Community water filters
  • Air purification like Complete HVAC filters, Air filtration media
  • Healthcare and PPE like Medical textiles, Gloves, Respirators
  • Professional Textiles like Mill treated textiles, Industrial laundry liquids
  • Food contact like Bakery towels, Bakery conveyor belts, Food packaging
  • Industrial & Others like transportation upholstery, Automotive filtration, Duck feather bedding