Lab Testing and Certificates

Livinguard PRO MASK and Livinguard ULTRA-NV MASK conform to FFP2 and FFP3 standards in India as confirmed by ITS laboratories

Livinguard’s certified reusable medical Mask PRO MASK has just received a new certification by the ITS Laboratories in India, confirming its high filtration efficiency in conformity to NIOSH N95 standards. In other words, our unbeatable PRO MASK filters more than 95% of the particles and is equivalent to FFP2 masks on filtration efficiency. Also, our 4-layered mask ULTRA-NV MASK has been certified by the ITS Labs as equivalent to FFP3 masks, due to its higher filtration efficiency.


Why are Livinguard masks the best alternative to conventional masks? They offer high filtration efficiency with outstanding breathability and antiviral protection and avoid unnecessary waste in form of disposable masks.

The reports can be accessed here:

Test Report PRO MASK
Test Report ULTRA MASK
Indian Isolate SARS COV 2 (wild version)